What is Bring Your Own Device?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is an IT policy where employees are allowed or encouraged to use their personal mobile devices — and, increasingly, notebook PCs — to access enterprise data and systems. There are four basic options, which allow:

  • Unlimited access for personal devices.
  • Access only to non-sensitive systems and data.
  • Access, but with IT control over personal devices, apps and stored data.
  • Access, but prevent local storage of data on personal devices.


Benefits of bring your own device

  • Increased productivity and innovation:
  • Employees are more comfortable with a personal device and become expert using it — making them more productive.
  • Personal devices tend to be more cutting-edge, so the enterprise benefits from the latest features. Also users upgrade to the latest hardware more frequently.
  • Employee satisfaction: Your people use the devices they have chosen and invested in — rather than what was selected by IT. 83 percent of users considered their mobile device more important than their morning cup of coffee. Allowing employees to use personal devices also helps them avoid carrying multiple devices.
  • Cost savings: BYOD programs sometimes save budget by shifting costs to the user, with employees paying for mobile devices and data services. However, this often results in little to no savings, so do not base your decision primarily on anticipated savings.

Are you ready for the next big thing – BYOD Print Management for Google Cloud Print provided by Heritage Business Systems – PaperCut

Are you ready for the next big thing – BYOD Print Management for Google Cloud Print provided by Heritage Business Systems.

Heritage Cloud Print Solutions – Print anywhere, from any device.

Google Cloud Print is a new technology that connects your printers to the web. Using Google Cloud Print, you can make your home and work printers available to you and anyone you choose, from the applications you use every day. Google Cloud Print works on your phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from

Heritage Business Systems – PaperCut brings its suite of print management features to organizations integrating Google Cloud Print (GCP).

The combination of Heritage Business Systems – PaperCut and GCP enables and facilitates management of users with “Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)” – Smartphones, Tablets, Chromebooks and Notebooks that do not connect exclusively to existing print networks.

Google Cloud Print



Google Cloud Print has done away with the need for the installation of drivers and physical connectivity to printers between GMail, Google Drive, Android and ChromeOS devices.

Manage printing from Android using PaperCut and Google Cloud Print


PaperCut augments the flexibility provided by Google Cloud Print by providing:


As cross-platform software, PaperCut makes it easy to immediately publish your organization’s existing print queues from Windows, Mac or Linux servers, all from a central management console. In addition you can leverage your current user identification as setup in your Active Directory or LDAP domains.

Manage printing from iOS using PaperCut and Google Cloud Print


The Google Cloud Print option is available across the full range of device platforms, including Google Apps on iOS devices.


Heritage Business Systems – PaperCut tracks and controls printing by sitting between the Google Cloud and network print infrastructure.


Google Cloud Print PaperCut integration

BYOD Print Management for Google Cloud Print provided by Heritage Business Systems – PaperCut.


As print jobs are sent from mobile devices, desktops or Google Apps to the cloud print service, they are immediately tracked and controlled by PaperCut.

GCP Jobs list

GCP Print Jobs List.

PaperCut enforces print policies and quotas before passing the print jobs onto your existing network print infrastructure.

PaperCut Print Jobs list

PaperCut Print Jobs List.



PaperCut simplifies and streamlines the Google Cloud Print setup without the need to purchase new “Cloud Ready” print devices. PaperCut automates the process of publishing your existing printers.


PaperCut's Google Cloud Print setup interface

PaperCut’s Google Cloud Print setup interface


PaperCut helps administration by:

  • Managing mapping of Google Accounts to Domain or PaperCut User Accounts.
  • Allowing devices hosted across on all your servers to be published from one location.
  • Leveraging your existing print policies – no need to setup new rules or queues.
Google Cloud Print Printer List

Google Cloud Print Printer List

KYOCERA Document Solutions America Introduces New Applications to Help Organizations Gain Control Over Data and Printing Costs While Helping Employees Work More Efficiently and Securely

FAIRFIELD, N.J. | October 21, 2014
KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced the launch of Kyocera CentraQ Pro and CentraQ. The new business applications, developed by Kyocera, offer a variety of job release features that allow users to print documents more securely. In addition to secure job release, CentraQ Pro has additional monitoring and reporting capabilities that IT administrators can use to track print, copy, scan and fax usage by individual, device, or job code, which is ideal for cost recovery.

Both apps protect sensitive information with a Secure Job Release feature that requires user authentication at the Kyocera MFP or printer — thus minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to documents. The apps also minimize “bottlenecks” by freeing users to output files from any networked, CentraQ enabled Kyocera device.

“There are two key advantages to these powerful business apps,” says Danielle Wolowitz, senior director, product planning and product marketing for KYOCERA Document Solutions America. “CentraQ empowers users by letting them print and release their documents with confidence. CentraQ Pro provides administrators with valuable device data to help them optimize their printing environment, which includes cutting waste and costs.”

CentraQ and CentraQ Pro bring a range of benefits to any business. The applications:

Allow users to release print jobs from any Kyocera device on the network;
Protect confidential documents;
Integrate with HID card readers and smart phones with QR code readers for secure job release;
Restrict costly functions such as color printing (CentraQ Pro);
Help track employee usage, device usage, and job ID codes with simplified reporting capabilities (CentraQ Pro).
Pricing and Availability
Single device license MSRP is $362 for CentraQ Pro and $277 for CentraQ. CentraQ Pro and CentraQ are available through authorized KYOCERA dealers. To find a dealer, visit Kyocera’s dealer locator at www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/us.

About Kyocera Business Applications
Developed by Kyocera or third-party solution providers, business applications help workgroups share information, optimize resources, and streamline document flow. Some of the most popular Kyocera-developed applications include KYOCERA Cloud Connect, which permits users to print from and scan to the cloud directly from the MFP’s control panel; KYOCERA HomePOINT, which enables users to print from and scan to network folders directly from the MFP’s control panel; and DMS Link, a customizable interface that streamlines workflow by linking a Kyocera MFP to an existing document management system.

KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc. (www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.com/us), headquartered in Fairfield, N.J., is a leading provider of computer-connectable document imaging and document management systems, including network-ready digital MFPs/printers, laser printers, color MFPs/printers, digital laser facsimiles, and multifunctional and wide format imaging solutions. KYOCERA Document Solutions America is a group company of KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., a core company of the Kyocera Corporation, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced ceramics and associated products, including telecommunications equipment, semiconductor packages and electronic components. KYOCERA Document Solutions America, the first document solutions company with third-party certified sales data, has earned numerous honors for its products’ high performance, reliability and cost efficiency. Kyocera Corporation’s consolidated net revenues exceeded $14.05 billion for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2014.